Haggis Mania!

Well what a great time was had this weekend. Me and ‘The Boy’ dived into the burns night traditions head first by consuming a whole haggis, some 16 year old Jura Single Malt and watching the epic film that is ‘Braveheart’. I was shocked to learn ‘The Boy’ had never seen Braveheart – whilst in the same sentence admitting he had never seen Gladiator. This had to be rectified immediately..

Mel at his best…

I think he has now seen the error of his ways..

As for the food, we wrapped said haggis in tinfoil, placed in a roasting tray filled with water, and baked at 180 (fan) for 1hr and 15 minutes…


Macsween, although other haggis is equally as good

and served with sausages, veg and 16yr old Jura.


Get in my belly!

This was also a great opportunity to use the Whisky stones we got for Christmas.

If you haven’t tried Haggis before – please do! It tastes amazing! Spicy and a gorgeous texture – yes, it has offal in it, but it tastes soo good! Honestly – I’m more worried about whats in the sausages!

It is traditionally served with Neeps ‘n’ Tatties and a Whisky sauce. I’m not  particularly a fan of Whisky sauce, i quite like the texture as it is – it certainly wasn’t dry.

So if you didnt give it a go this year, please keep it in mind for next. In the mean time, give my favourite breakfast sandwich a go..

Black Pudding, White Pudding and Bacon – Pretty life changing!