Six Nations Burgers…

I love a Burger.

I mean it.. I bloody adore Burgers!!!!!!

For me, it must look like pure filth.

Luckily, one of my favorite haunts does just this, and has a mighty selection of what burgers they do offer (along with some great roasts, steaks and Poutaine!)

What i needed on this fine evening, was a Kennington Black Prince Burger. Usually they have car themes (‘The Cadillac’ and ‘The Mustang’ to note) but at the moment, now the rugby is back on (horray!) they are doing themed ‘Six Nations burgers’. What a treat!

I of course, went for an England Burger..

'The England'

‘The England’

A bacon and cheddar cheese burger with mustard Mayo, chunky chips and Curry sauce.

Oh my. It was a taste sensation – it was just bloody amazing.



Look at it, just standing up like that…the crispy bacon and oozy cheese…!

I’m unashamed to say i devoured the whole thing within in minutes.

The boy went for steak, equally just delicious..

Steak man!

Steak man!

Apologies, he had eaten half the thing before i got the chance to take a picture, i was too busy making my way through my burger with sticky cheesy burger fingers!

Get yourself down there is your a self confessed burger addict like me (Monday’s are £6 burger night – How could you refuse?).

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